rdp chemical-Application fields of redispersible polymer powder

rdp chemical-Application fields of redispersible polymer powder

1. Bonding mortar and tile adhesive: yx-03 redispersible latex powder

Let the cement change its original properties, including both organic and inorganic substances, so as to achieve the best bonding effect.

2. Plastering mortar, rubber powder polystyrene particles, flexible water-resistant putty, tile grout: yx-03 redispersible latex powder

Change the rigidity of the original cement, enhance the flexibility of the cement, and improve the bonding effect of the cement.

Now there is also an reinforced redispersible latex powder. The reinforced redispersible latex powder product is a water-soluble redispersible powder, which is divided into ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer, vinyl acetate/tertiary ethylene carbonate copolymer , acrylic copolymer, etc., the powder adhesive made after spray drying uses polyvinyl alcohol as the protective colloid. This powder can be quickly redispersed into an emulsion upon contact with water.

1. Improve bond strength and cohesion

The reinforced dispersible polymer powder has a great effect on improving the bonding strength and cohesion of the material. Due to the penetration of the polymer particles into the pores and capillaries of the cement matrix, they form a good cohesion with the cement after hydration. The polymer resin itself has The excellent adhesion of cement mortar products can improve the adhesion of cement mortar products to substrates, especially the improvement of the poor adhesion of organic substrates such as wood, fiber, PVC and EPS by inorganic binders such as cement. .

2. Improve freeze-thaw stability and effectively prevent material cracking

The reinforced redispersible latex powder has the plastic effect of thermoplastic resin, which can overcome the damage of thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature difference to cement mortar materials. Overcoming the characteristics of large drying shrinkage and easy cracking of simple cement mortar, it can make the material flexible, thereby improving the long-term stability of the material.

3. Improve bending and tensile resistance

In the rigid skeleton formed by the hydration of cement mortar, the polymer film is elastic and tough. Between the cement mortar particles, it functions like a movable joint, which can withstand high deformation loads and reduce the stress, making the Tensile and bending resistance are improved.

4. Improve impact resistance

Redispersible latex powder, thermoplastic resin. It is a soft film coated on the surface of the mortar particles, which can absorb the impact of external force and relax without breaking, thereby improving the impact resistance of the mortar.

5. Improve hydrophobicity and reduce water absorption

Adding cocoa dispersible polymer powder can improve the microstructure of cement mortar. Its polymer forms an irreversible network in the process of cement hydration, closes the capillaries in the cement gel, blocks the penetration of water, and improves the impermeability.

6. Improve wear resistance and durability

The addition of redispersible latex powder can increase the dense bond between the cement mortar particles and the polymer film. The enhancement of the cohesive force correspondingly improves the ability of the mortar to withstand shear stress, so that the wear rate is reduced, the wear resistance is improved, and the service life of the mortar is prolonged.

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