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China redispersible polymer powder manufacturer

We are a professional Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP) manufacturer and exporter of chemical admixtures established in Shandong in 2008.

We are nonoredly ISO9001:2008 & ISO14001:2008 certified.

We own automatic production lines, world-class equipment, testing instruments, R&D personnel with chemistry degree, independent innovation research and development capabilities with an annual capacity of over 20,000 tons.

Our market has covered Southeast Asia, the Middle East areas, Africa, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Australia and so on.

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what is redispersible polymer powders?

Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP) is spray dried redispersible polymer powder,also named as Redispersible emulsion Powder or latex powder ,produced by spray-drying special water-based emulsion, mostly based on vinyl acetate-ethylene (RDP/VAE),then obtained a free flowing organic polymer powder. It can re-disperse in water, and form a film after water evaporation by coalescence of individual polymer particles. […]

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vae powder-Use environment and precautions of redispersible latex powder

vae powder-Use environment and precautions of redispersible latex powder Re-dispersible latex powder is a powder adhesive made from a special emulsion (high molecular polymer) spray-dried. This powder can be quickly redispersed to form an emulsion after contact with water, and has the same properties as the initial emulsion, that is, a film can be formed […]

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rdp powder-dispersible polymer powder

Composition of dispersible polymer powder Dispersible polymer powders are usually white powders, but a few have other colors. The composition of dispersible polymer powder includes: 1. Polymer resin: It is located in the core part of the rubber powder particles, and it is also the main component of the redispersible polymer powder, such as polyvinyl […]

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