Application and basic performance analysis of redispersible latex powder

redispersible polymer powder price-Application and basic performance analysis of redispersible latex powder

The redispersible latex powder has outstanding bonding strength. Therefore, in the design process of the main tower, the atomization angle of the atomizer is strictly calculated, and the diameter of the main tower is reasonably enlarged. In order to prevent the material from sticking to the wall during the pre-drying process. And a reasonable height-diameter ratio of the straight cylinder of the main tower is designed to ensure sufficient residence time of the material and sufficient drying of the material. The redispersible latex powder dryer adopts a direct-fired gas furnace as the heating system, and is equipped with a 4KW PW150 atomizer.

Redispersible latex powder application

Common uses: thin-layer cement, tile adhesive and caulking cement, surface modification cement, coating material, self-leveling ground material, thermal insulation adhesive, powder latex paint.

External wall insulation: bonding mortar, plastering mortar and other building mortars, especially suitable for flexible building mortar.

Basic performance analysis of redispersible latex powder:

1. Redispersibility: Dissolved in water, it can be redispersed to form a stable emulsion, and the particle size distribution is similar to the original emulsion. Rubber powders with poor redispersibility cannot be uniformly modified and may contain non-redispersible polymers.

2. Film-forming properties of rubber powder: Film-forming properties are the basis for the modification properties of mortar such as bonding, and poor film-forming properties are generally caused by excessive addition of inorganic components or improper organic components. Good quality redispersible latex powders have good film-forming properties at room temperature, while those with poor film-forming properties at room temperature mostly have quality problems in polymer or ash content.

3. Water resistance of the adhesive film: It has good film-forming properties and also has good water resistance. Latex powders with poor water resistance generally contain more water-soluble polymers.

Can improve its adhesion, bending strength, wear resistance and workability;

High flexibility and good bond strength

Has outstanding waterproof performance;

Increase the elasticity of the mortar and have a longer opening time;

Gives the mortar excellent alkali resistance.

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