Rdp powder-Redispersible latex powder manufacturers explain the advantages of products in detail

Redispersible latex powder manufacturers explain the advantages of products in detail

Redispersible latex powder manufacturers explain product advantages in detail
1. The redispersible latex powder has a high cohesive force. Adding it into the mortar can make the mortar adhere more firmly to the construction base surface and is not easy to crack. It can also obtain better temperature resistance and weather resistance when added to the plastering coating, because its film-forming quality is better, and it is smoother and does not agree with blistering.
2. First of all, its chemical properties are very problematic. In terms of waterproofing, heat resistance and thermal insulation, it is not only very consistent with some thermal insulation materials, but can even exceed them, so it is often used to bond some wall structures, and it can be used at home. Softness and plasticity, I believe that no construction site will be abandoned.
3. There are some manufacturers in our country that mainly produce this kind of rubber powder, most of them are some large state-owned enterprises. At the same time, Germany, the United States, Italy, etc. also have production bases of this kind of rubber powder. The redispersible latex produced in each country and region Powders have different uses and prices vary.
4. Redispersible latex powder is a kind of auxiliary powder material, which has good viscosity and elasticity after adding water. It is generally used as an adjuvant and mixed into various coatings or mortars, which can improve the construction performance of such products, effectively improve construction efficiency and obtain better construction quality. Redispersible latex powder is often used as a binder in construction. What are the advantages of redispersible latex powder that so many construction sites can’t put it down?
5. Redispersible latex powder can also be mixed into tile adhesive or caulking agent, mainly through higher strength adhesive force, and its flexibility can cope with the deformation caused by thermal expansion coefficient. In addition, it has good non-absorbent properties, and can be effectively waterproof and anti-penetration when added to the caulking agent. In addition to adding a coating to the substrate, the substrate can have a certain degree of waterproofing. In addition to anti-corrosion properties, it also improves the strength and wear resistance of the substrate. In many cases, the use of rubber powder can increase the aging resistance and air permeability of various mortars or putties.

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